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We are working here in Japan under the name of "GLAMOUR PUNKS" responsible for the designing, producing and selling of "GLAMOUR PUNKS" brand's silver jewelry. We want you to give the feeling of jewelry that come alive with just looking at our innovative designs online.

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Rock, Animal, Skull, Gothic etc....there are great various motif that you can choose from our brand. The style is harsh and wild. However they are carefully crafted and designed with detailed design works. "GLAMOUR PUNKS" is well-known of having the assertive and the strong presence in its design. It seems to stimulate the desire of the Fashion-conscious young generation. People want to be such as "trendsetters", "fashionistas" and "would-bes". Our designer's own concept evolves around the theme and core meaning of ROCK! And you can watch for the new designs twice a year. (irregular date)They are popular among both the young men and women. Products are all produced in Japan. ( Except attached chains).

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We always move forward and continue our good service every day. We sincerely hope that you try and patronize "GLAMOUR PUNKS" jewelry. And if you have the opportunity to come to Japan, we hope you'll find time to check our cool stuffs.
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